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Our website is designed, constructed and maintained by ‘Fleurcom’ as a service to national and international community. It is a non-profit site, (we accept donations). It’s Australian,‘Green’ with lots of current news, issues and information about this country and internationally (Australia and Sustainability) We are ‘Ethical publishers, and Journalists’.

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‘Ethical Publishers’ Everyone will find lots of interest and enjoyment here. If you are from overseas you may be interested to read and learn more about Australia our people, culture and history. We hope it will encourage you to learn even more about us, visit us soon and enjoy our wonderful multicultural country. There is much positive international information here,  as this is ‘One World’  

This site is an encyclopaedia with 160 pages and over 60 category’s. It’s better than hard copy, constantly being improved, changed and updated. Further to that we have no ideology, viewpoint or beliefs and it’s about ‘Truth’.

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‘Peace’ Written by John Lennon, and performed with Yoko Ono. Released as a single by the ‘Plastic Ono Band’ an anthem of the International anti-war movement.

We connect as time and space reduces and consider all aspects of life. This tends to make us healthier happier and more stable, which spreads to people around us. We know from personal experience the amazing effects of this. and feel passion in this as well as our philosophy of creating an opportunity for society at large around the world, with ideas worth spreading.

Have common values and issues ‘We are Stardust’ million year old carbon, and water.

Adopted theme song ‘All about Soul’ it underlines all we do and say (Consciousness).

Throughout life I’ve developed a set of creative positive values and always live, share and promote them. It’s an ongoing process and support everyone’s right to freedom of speech, learning to express and share. We are an independent organization, apolitical and have only a creative agenda and source, publish positive, inspiring creative ethical stories news and, all cited. Our pages offer new and radical thought, posing questions and ideas. We feel that if we can ‘inspire’ each other, then that may induce the change of hundreds , and the world at large.  ‘Inspirational Speeches’ that inspire us, and hope you too.

‘Imagine’ Can you imagine a world at peace, with no denominations or religion. World Church called and asked, if they can use the lyrics and change it to ‘Imagine one religion’?” That showed they didn’t understand it at all. It would defeat the whole purpose of the song.

“Courage is contagious”  Julian Assange.

“Say ‘Yes’ if you have a Dream”

We hope you enjoy our updates and newsletters and share our site with friends. We do  not aim to make a profit but your support truly makes a difference to enable us to develop, update and continue publishing what matters in our ‘One World’.

“God is dead, think for oneself.” Nietzsche.

“It always seems impossible till it’s done.” Nelson Mandela.

Maria Carey Profile Picture.We treasure our community of ‘Friends’  and love to ‘Tweet’ and share every day, we would be honoured if you followed us!  But remember  never give up as ‘The hero lies within’.

Join our growing Community of  Friends who choose to be educated and empowered rather than left depressed and overwhelmed. We are always open to suggestions of how we can improve our site and our service, so please contact, bookmark us, become a friend or follower, tell your friends and come back often. We sincerely hope you find these  pages useful, informative and inspiring , enjoy them. We encourage and invite your involvement and like to hear  your stories, comments and opinions and usually respond.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
Build a new model that makes the existing
model obsolete.”
– Richard Buckminster Fuller

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
It’s that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our
darkness that most frightens us.”
– M. Williamson

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Boy was stung by a Nettle, he ran home and told his Mother saying although it hurt him very much, he only touched it gently. She said that was just why it stung you, and said the next time you touch a Nettle, grasp it boldly and it will be soft as silk to your hand and will not hurt you in the least.

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